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LTAF changes will help grow distribution in 2024

The future of global transfer agency

It is time for change. In every dimension ZILOTM has reimagined global transfer agency software.

The modern "all-in-one" transfer agency software for your global funds business.

One-system design

The ultimate transfer agency system with all the functions that your operations team needs: registry, dealing, settlement, reconciliation, corporate actions, tax, CASS, data and reporting.

Digital simplicity

The ZILO™ system digitally processes transactions end-to-end without the burden of legacy record-keeping systems or manual steps. With audit built in you can check what you want and when you want.

Your business in real-time

Meet regulatory and compliance standards with real-time dashboards, controls, and reports.  ZILO™ provides run-time transparency out-of-the-box so that you can grow your business insight.

Intuitive user experiences

A contemporary persona-based user web application for everyone: investors, advisers, distributors, and you and your internal teams.

Multi-currency and multilingual

Howdy. Hai. Ciao. 你好. Hallo. You are global and so is  ZILO™. Extend your brand and service in all markets and in all languages.

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Enterprise grade security

Using security by design best practices, ZILO™ is committed to protecting you and your customers from bad actors and fraudsters. ZILO™ believes that data belongs to the individual and is GDPR, Australia Privacy Act, and California Consumer Privacy Act compliant.

Migration made easy

ZILO™ provides a truly modern approach to the migration of books of business from your current record-keeping system. Using machine learning to improve data integrity and the ZILO™ microservices for speed, our specialist delivery teams will move you confidently into the future.

Future ready

ZILO™ is built for constant change: market, regulatory, software, investor, and yours. ZILO™ is at the ready to tokenise assets into fund security tokens and unlock trading through smart contracts. Additionally, fund accountants can price tokenised share classes and custody teams can reconcile the ZILO™ register.

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Always on and available everywhere

ZILOTM adapts to your global business in all geographies with 99.9% uptime. Our cloud-native services scale efficiently for both your small and large volume processes.

Designed for you

Good design starts with an understanding of your customer's functional and emotional needs. As a design-led business, our human-centred approach ensures that our system "thinks like you" so that you don't have to think like a computer.

  • Custodians

    Provide a seamless bundled custodial and fund administration solution for the markets where you serve. ZILO™ integrates into your existing custodial systems and makes transfer agency and customer servicing easy.

  • Asset Managers

    Provide a modern self-service portal for investors, advisers, and distributors, stay connected to your funds business in real time, and decide which processes to run in house or handoff to your custodian, transfer agent, or ACD.

  • Transfer agents and ACDs

    Replace your legacy record-keeping system with ZILO's fully digital system and finally say goodbye to green screens and yesterday's complexity. Or augment your existing capabilities with ZILO's microservices.